Structural Consulting Service

We at United Architects are the top structural consultants in Qatar. Our team of skilled and devoted structural consultants addresses your structural needs with care and proficiency. We are your reliable partners who offer you commitment to safety, creativity, and absolute efficiency.

  • Preparing reports, designs and drawings.
  • Providing loads and stresses calculations.
  • Selecting appropriate construction materials.
  • Providing technical advice.
  • Liaising with relevant professional staff.
  • Monitoring and inspecting work undertaken by contractors.
  • Inspecting properties to check conditions/foundations.
  • Design simple structural elements of a project.
  • The ability to break down complex projects down into manageable. components, which will then form the basis of structural design.
  • Produce all the relevant calculations to the British Standards.
  • Produce a loading take down of a building.
  • Produce all the relevant calculations to the British Standards.

Structural Consultants in Qatar

Services Offered

Some of our structural consulting services include:

Structural design

Our state-of-the-art methods are customized to meet your specific requirements.

Structural Analysis

We use the latest analytical methods to assess the integrity and performance of current structures to ensure safety and longevity.

Structural inspection

We inspect each structure devotedly to check if there are any issues, weakness, or potential hazards that allows us to take preventive measures


Our retrofitting solutions offer you budget-friendly and sustainable measures to increase the lifespan and meet safety standards.

Benefits of choosing us

When you choose us as structural consultants in Qatar, you will have access to various benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Experience: Our team has years of experience as structural consultants who deliver high-quality service.
  • Safety assurance: We ensure optimum safety in all aspects of our services. That’s why we ensure the well-being of occupants and structural longevity.
  • Innovation: We keep ourselves updated on the latest trends and advances to integrate skills and practices to deliver optimal results.
  • Efficiency: We filter our processes for optimal efficiency thus saving you time and resources.
  • Customized solutions: Our services are personalized to handle all your structural needs thus ensuring an accurate and effective response to meet your unique challenges.
  • Affordable measures: Our budget-friendly solutions like retrofitting boost the lifespan of your structures without unnecessary expenses.

We are the top structural consultants in Qatar who are committed to ensuring the safety, stability, and efficiency of buildings and infrastructure. Structural consultation is necessary for the development and growth of the country’s infrastructure and contributes to the safety and durability of various projects that range from growing skyscrapers to crucial bridges and roads. Call us today to know more.