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Function Analysis

Analyze the functions of the elements identified in the previous step and evaluate their necessity to the goals of the project. There are two forms of functions; “primary functions,” vital to the existence of the final product, and “secondary functions,” notable but not critical to the core of the project. Once these are identified, the team can get creative and investigate solutions. If you are looking for the best engineering consultant in Qatar, then we at United Architects are here for you.

Creative Speculation

Develop alternative solutions for delivering necessary building functions. The value engineering team brainstorms to generate potential design solutions to reach the project functions. It’s smart to focus on the big-ticket items because they have the most opportunity to deliver value.


Assess the alternative solutions. By turning to subject matter experts and questioning the available options, the team can begin weighing alternatives against one another. The primary focus of this discussion should be how well each alternative can perform the function of the original solution. The evaluation may include where the facility will be built, how it will be used, and the weather in the area. The details matter. Owner expectations matter too, so those must be discussed. Delivering value is tremendous but if the facility does not do what the owner intends and the vision is unexecuted, the team has missed the mark. Remember that every choice has consequences. A change in one area of a facility can affect any or all other areas of the facility. The team must discuss the holistic effects of every alternative.

Cost Analysisans Development

Allocate costs to the alternative solutions. The team needs to answer two important questions: How much will the solution cost today? And how much will it cost over the facility’s life cycle? The design team’s best tool in this step of the process is accurate construction cost data. Historical pricing is great for a rough projection of costs for known materials, equipment, and tasks, but it may prove inadequate in the value engineering process. Input from the maintenance team and life cycle cost products will help answer how much the alternative solution will cost over the long-term. Develop the alternatives with the highest likelihood of success.